Re-Home with us!

Blue Chameleon

Due to the popular demand we are opening up our re-homing programme. Please note once we reach our full capacity we will send you to the next best re-homing option. We understand everyones situations change and we are not here to judge!  Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. We are able to take in Reptiles, Amphibians and other exotic animals ONLY.

Re-Homing Form - 

Thanks for submitting!

Once you have submitted the form we will be in-touch during our business hours. Our staff are educated on reptile knowledge and hold a level 3 Reptile welfare and care certificate. (Once the award arrives we will attach an image of it to this page).


Case Study

This is our most recent re-homed Lizard. Meet Alfie our bearded dragon. Alfie was re-homed due to his previous owners having to move homes and sadly wasn't able to take him. He now lives with us in the HQ and sure does make us smile watching him explore his new home. 

(Image was taken the day we took him in)