Bug Box UK is proud to announce we will be helping our friends over at Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary by providing them with as much live food as possible during these strange times!

🦍 This sanctuary is run purely from donations from the public and with the lockdown due to covid-19 they are struggling with the running costs! 

🦧 Each month they spend on average £30,000 on the animals care, vet bills, heating, food etc! 

🦍 The sanctuary rescues the animals from horrible situations such as abandonment, pet trade etc. 

🐒 We are asking for your help! We would like to provide them with more Live food if possible! We have a £5 Ape voucher on the website. All the donations will go on a big live food order for the sanctuary! (Please select collection at checkout to avoid postage costs). 

As a thank you from us we will then email you a 15% off code to use on the store at anytime you want. 

Thank you all so much in advance! 
Bug Box UK Team ❤️ 

Wales Ape Sanctuary Donations

Excluding VAT