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Damon Medius

The Damon Medius or more commonly known as the Tail-less whip scorpion is a star in the Harry Potter movie! 

These are nocturnal and move sideways like crabs do! 

Substrate can be a mix of coir block, sphagnum moss and chemical-free composts. Amblypygids tend not to move around much on the substrate (they are very timid if they do venture onto it), so a depth of around 2" is sufficient to trap moisture and maintain humidity. A water dish should be provided, as Amblypygids will occasionally drink.
Provide a temperature of 24-26C during the day and allow a slight drop at night (20-24C). Some other species require cooler conditions, but these are not often offered for sale at present and the general conditions above should be suitable for most Amblypygids.
Humidity of around 80% is usually sufficient for adults, with an increase for newly hatched individuals and juveniles. Unlike many beginner tarantulas, many Amblypygids require high humidity and sufficient air movement otherwise they often become sickly if confined in such a manner for more than a few weeks. An easy way to avoid this is to make numerous small holes on the sides of the container to allow free passage of air through the container.
Amblypygids are not renowned for being large eaters, so a few large adult crickets or similar per fortnight would be a good starting point for a feeding regime for adult specimens. Any that appear very fat, especially with dark green or bluish tints are likely to be approaching a moult and food should be withheld.