How to face your fears with insects!


Welcome to our new blog post! We have so much planned for you, and we have a fantastic collaboration post here! Today we will be talking about the top tips for overcoming your entomophobia and arachnophobia. I have also called in a few friends to give you some top tips, we hope you enjoy!

1. Princess Sophie Pink -

Princess Sophie Pink is an amateur entomologist sharing her love and passion for her hobby on her YouTube channel. Her videos range from care and re-housing to feeding and unboxing, she covers it all! (Not to mention that she is also our young ambassador!) Check her out here.

2. ArachnoTube with Gar Rees -

Gar from ArachnoTube has spent most of his life studying and keeping invertebrates, having been given his first spider at age six. His main area of expertise is Asian arboreal tarantulas (Asian tree spiders) and these feature heavily on the YouTube channel. Check Gar out here.

3. Beths Pets with Arachnobeth's Pets -

Beth was once an arachnophobe at a younger age and now owns many spiders and other crawlies. She is the perfect example of how to over come your fears. Beths channel covers many type of videos on the range of pets that she owns. Check out her channel here.

4. TarantulaDan -

Dan has a wide range of videos on his channel which covers a lot of different species of insects. He does videos on care tips, rehousing species, feeding videos and he even has safari and excursion videos where you can see all the beautiful insects and animals in the wild, theres so much content and so much to choose from! Check out his channel here.

5. Mr Peter Webster -

Peter also has a wide range of videos on his channel! From fun unboxing videos to collection series Peter makes sure no stone is unturned! He has his own invert room which is jam packed with lots of species of insects! Check out his channel here.

Massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in todays blog post!

Still saying no to overcoming your phobia? Why not give our fear classes a go? Our professional staff provide you with personal mentorship throughout the process, to help you overcome that nasty fear! Check the package out here.

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Whats your top tip? Let us know below!

I hope you have a fantastic week

Bug Box Team x

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