Our packaging is 100% eco friendly (when appropriate). We use either newspapers or potato starch chips as the package stuffer. Our boxes are printed with eco ink and are able to recycle and also our stickers are from eco based material.  

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Education is very important to us. In 2019 we launched our education schemes in schools where we go into the classes to teach children on the importance of insects. During lockdown in 2020 we also launched our education booklets. 

Click here to view the booklet. 

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We like to encourage our customers to go Bioactive with their enclosures. This provides the insects the same environment and enrichment as they would have in the wild. 


For more information on Bioactive set-ups please contact us.  

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When possible we make sure to always choose Captive bred stock. Our stock is held in our heated stock room and is available to attend to 24/7. We don't hold more stock than we can look after. 

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Bug Box UK is proud to support diversity both globally and in the workplace. We will not favour anyone due to their gender, age, sexual orientation, race etc. All is welcome at Bug Box UK!