Welcome to the children's section. In this section, there will be easy to keep pet insects, children's merchandise and other amazing products for sale! 

Educational Activity Book

Explore the fascinating world of bugs through fun educational activities. There is a range of fun games such as colour in maths, Building a funky bug hotel and even a woodlice experiment! Plenty of bug-ish activities for young ones to learn while having fun!

Beginner insects -


Why are insects great?! 

Insects are a fantastic pet for children. They are a brilliant method of sparking curiosity in children's minds. They are also very educational pets teaching them about natural process, life cycles, camouflage and much much more. Another brilliant reason to choose a pet insect for your child is they don't smell, they are safe and they are not needy! They actually prefer to be left alone and observed from the outside glass of the tank. Giving your child a pet insect also encourages them to adapt and improve their personal responsibilities. 

- Cameron Reardon (Business Owner)

The fear of insects -

Is your phobia of bugs and spiders holding you back from ordering your child their first pet insect? Thats not too worry, we are here to help change that! Click the button below to check out our "facing your fears with insects" blog post! 

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