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Bug Box began back in 2017 when Cameron noticed the exotic market wasn't regulated very much. A lot of "brown boxing" (Ilegally importing insects in the post) was occurring and he didn't want to support that. After trying to find a good store which could guarantee ethically sourced insects and arachnids without luck, Cameron decided to take the challenge up and create Bug Box. Since creation Bug Box has bloomed and developed into the ethically passionate brand it is today. 

Bug Box has been featured on shows such as BBC Young, Welsh & Pretty Minted, BBC News, Wales Today and much more. The brand has also gone viral in news articles in places such as the United Kingdom, China, Japan and Australia. 

Bug Box has had the fantastic opportunity of bringing out their own branded range and becoming the UK's number one supplier for ladybird and velvet spiders.

Bug Box is now slowly expanding into reptile and aquatic supplies, one of the biggest business expansions since the creation of the company. 

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